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    Magical Water Painting Pens 🤩

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    Magical Water Painting Pens 🤩

    Children’s favorite hands-on part !!!

    Use this magic pen to draw on the spoon. When encountering water, the drawn animals will float on their own, which is very fun!!! 😱



    This is especially the case when your children are taking those first steps towards an interactive approach to education. 


    Why You Need This:


    Fun Activity:

    Water painting will pique children's interest. This is also a fun game to play with family and friends. A good bonding session is guaranteed.


    Boosts Creativity:

    The sketched animals float freely in it which catches children's attention and develops an interest for doodling and drawing, activities that are important for their development.



    Everything You Can Be Drawn:

    12 colors make the painting objects more abundant, such as small fish, tortoise, big whale, small flower, butterfly and so on.

    The water-based design makes it insoluble in water, and the drawn animals can float freely on the water.


    Safe to Use:

    It is safe for the human body since it uses certified non-toxic ink and emits no odour which may be harmful for the children. It has an easy grip for small hands of the child.


    Perfect Learning Tool:

    The colours are vivid and clear and the product can be used as an interactive teaching method to teach children names of colours, different shapes, animals etc by visualisation.



    Can Be Easily Reused:

    The non-spilling ink can be simply removed with a towel without leaving any traces on the whiteboard making it as fresh and new as if never used before.



    STEP 1: Draw the desired design using a coloured water pen on a bowl or spoon made of mirror, glass, or ceramic.
    STEP 2: Wait at least 5 seconds to dry the pattern. 
    STEP 3: Gently immerse it in water  
    STEP 4: Watch it float.


    Q: Does the ink leak?
    A: No
    Q: Different colors are available?
    A: 1 SET of product has 12 colors. Please check the image below for colors.
    Q: What type of spoon do I need for this?
    A: This product will come with a spoon. Any ceramic spoon will work.


    Q. How to dry and clean?

    A: It is self drying with an easy to hold pen and the whiteboard can easily be cleaned with the towel.

    Q. How can I order this item in bulk? Need to buy a return gift for my son's birthday party.

    A: Yes, only if you don't use it. It should be in original packing.

    Q. Is this product returnable?

    A: Yes, only if you don't use it. It should be in original packing.




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